The Coachella Valley offers the California State University system access to a growing diverse population that currently is underserved by higher education options within the region.

  • The Coachella Valley’s population has the second lowest share of population with an associate degree or higher which indicates the potential for the site to serve a large population of first-generation college students.
  • The Coachella Valley has the highest share of historically underrepresented minorities and is the only site to rank significantly higher than the statewide average.
  • One of the lowest median household incomes of the evaluated locations.
  • The largest industries in Palm Desert include hospitality and agriculture which mainly employ workers who do not need to hold a bachelor’s degree. However, both agriculture and the energy industry must import skilled workers so there could be the potential for an industry partnership.
  • CSU campuses have historically served a very diverse (47% traditionally underrepresented minority) and regionally proximate (65% from high schools in the same region) population.