Monserrath Zamora

Monserrath Zamora was born and raised in the Coachella Valley, and is currently a Senior at Coachella Valley High School. Education is important to Monserrath’s family and her parents have always encouraged her to attend college to obtain a strong career. Monserrath is motivated to attend college to better herself and support her parents.

While Monserrath’s top choice for college is Cal State University Northridge, the university is too far from the Coachella Valley and she wants to remain local. Because of this, Monserrath is currently planning on attending College of the Desert. Monserrath wishes there were more educational options in the Coachella Valley and specifically wishes there was a four-year university.

Monserrath believes a four-year university would open the door to many opportunities for residents of the Coachella Valley and would also help boost the local economy. For Monserrath, it would be ideal to have a local university that offers a real college experience with sports, sororities and fraternities, and a full array of courses (including graphic design which is the major Monserrath is looking to pursue).